Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strawberry Delight by Kristina Boler


1 Box of strawberry cake mix
1 Box of instant vanilla pudding
1 Tub of frozen strawberry pieces and juice
1 Tub of strawberry whip cream

How to make the most Delicious cake you will ever devour:

Make one box of instant vanilla pudding mix then let it set it the fridge. While waiting make the cake batter in a large mixing bowl. Follow the directions as instructed on the cake box. Add one cup of vanilla pudding into the cake batter. Mix Mix Mix. Pour mix into a large cake pan. Cook for as long as the cake box instruct. Some times you have to cook for a bit longer so check before you take it out. While it's cooking; thaw the strawberry juice and pieces in the microwave till it's juicy. When the cake is done cooking and is still hot pour the strawberry juice (not the pieces) onto the surface of the cake. The juice will seep into the cake. Let the cake sit till it is completely cool! While waiting; mix the whip cream with the strawberry pieces. Once the cake is cooled cover the surface with the whip cream. Then Ta Da- it's ready to serve.

Warning: May cause extreme weight gain. Do not attempt if you struggle with addictions to sweats or if you have weak taste buds. Some cases of drooling have been reported. If you wake up in the night with cravings seek medical attention.

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  1. Ok that just sounds totally yummy! I think my family would love this. Thanks for posting it.