Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Peel Peaches

Here is a link showing how to peel peaches quickly. Today I am making my peach sauce with all the peaches Mark picked from our tree. Basically you just stew the peaches with some sugar and corn starch to thicken, (like the Blueberry Sauce,)and then freeze in tubs. It tastes divine, we love it over crepes, pancakes and ice cream.


  1. Still newlyweds, my Dad brought home a basket of peaches for my Mom to can. She started to peel them (which does take more time) - and my Dad kindly informed her that she should blanch them to get the peels off quicker.

    To which Mom replied... "If you want to do the canning, then I'll leave the kitchen and you can go for it. Otherwise get out of my way and let me do it correctly!".

    After tasting my Mom's canned peaches - comparing them to those canned by his mother using the blanching method - guess who won that battle? In our home "blanching" was considered a bad word.

    But if blanching works best for you, and you don't mind the taste difference, then I say go for it!! I'll think about you as I faithfully plod away with the peach pealing method.

  2. That's how my mom did her peaches and apricots. She also blanched the tomatoes to get the skins off. I'm glad you put a tutorial of how to do it, since I know that's what my mom did but didn't know how to do it myself.

  3. Heaven is pretty much a whole-wheat pancake topped with peaches and syrup!

  4. I so should have watched this BEFORE I did my peaches!