Sunday, August 23, 2009

Airplane Cakes

My 3 year old wanted an airplane cake this year so I decided to do make each child their own little airplane. All that was needed was

1 box of twinkies - plane body
1 box of wafers - wings, tale
Black licorice - propeller
Junior mints - nose
1 bag Hershey's treasures - cabin

I sliced a hole through the twinkie to make pushing the wafer through easier. The tale was made by slicing a wafer in half width wise and then cutting it to shape.

Frosting was the hardest part by far. mine are just kind of thrown together, but if you took a little time and thought it out, it might look better if you star tip it, although that would probably take a lot of time. I used a toothpick through the junior mint and the licorice to make the nose of the plane. I found it stayed better if I angled the toothpick downwards to hold things up better.

I was going to build a flight control tower out of candy lego's (Macey's bulk candy section) but ran out of time so I just drew a runway pattern on tinfoil.

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  1. Those are waaaay too cute! I wish I could have been there, darn! I love the way they are all taxi-ing around on the runway. That was a super-duper idea, I might just have to steal it next year.