Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crappy Cookies!

So here are some less-than-perfect cookies I made today from the recipe on the Nestle Tollhouse bag- ug! Mark says it's cause I didn't refrigerate the dough, (it didn't say to.) I choose to believe this was due to a fault in the recipe and not my own ineptitude. I've made good cookies before, but I don't remember what recipe I used. Does anyone have a good recipe for fluffy chocolate chip cookies that don't flop? Help me with my cookie conundrum.

* Later--In my ongoing search for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, I've received some excellent leads.  Here is a link to a cookie recipe I found on Lynette's blog, the same lady who gave us the incredible peasant bread. Haven't tried it but considering she's the best cook ever...Plus it's always fun to read her posts.


  1. Did you use real butter? I've heard that it flattens cookies out more than margarine or shortening, but have never done a scientific study, myself.

  2. PS--do we get the recipe to your massaman curry? All Mark's raving on facebook has made me curious.