Friday, March 20, 2009

berry berry trifle

Well, I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of this as I was running out the door to enrichment night, so here is an illustration of my trifle, (even cuter than the real thing.) I wanted to make Star's recipe, but was out of choc. pudding, so I made one with yellow cake and berries. People were scraping the bowl clean by the end of the night to get some, so I told them I would post the recipe. It's fancy looking, if you have a trifle bowl, but you could also use a glass bowl instead. AND it's easy.

1 box yellow cake mix, baked according to directions in a jelly-roll pan.
(For me this means a deep cookie sheet, and I used Duncan Hinze butter yellow cake mix.)
Cool cake and cut into cubes.

2  3.5 oz. boxes French vanilla pudding mix, prepared. (Or banana).

3 cups frozen mixed berries, partially thawed. ( I say partially, because when they thaw they are drippy and messy, so if they thaw the rest of the way while in your trifle, it will not be so drippy when you put it together. Oh and yes, I always mention the C----o store, but I got a huge bag of berries from there, with blackberries, rasp. and blueberries. Sooo good for smoothies, too! But I digress...)

1 quart real whipping cream, whipped and sweetened w. about 1/2 c. sugar.
(You could use cool whip, but I think the real whip cream is where it's at!)

Ok, now layer everything:
Cover bottom of dish with cake cubes, top with several scoops pudding, then whip cream, then a generous amount of berries. Repeat. Now it should be about full. I finished off with a smaller layer of cake cubes+cream+berries to top it. (there was almost half the cake left over, so I let my 4 year old build her own trifle along side mine since I would be taking the whole thing before she got to taste it, which was not going to go over well with her.)

Chill the trifle for a few hours to let it set. Great for a summer time treat!


  1. Yummy tum! I have to try the berry version, and your illustration is so darling!

  2. I found your blog!!! The trifle bytheway, was a huge hit, everyone, I mean everyone and their dog was asking me: who made the trifle? Props to you, you are amazing -no suprise :)

    send me an email so I can invite you to our blog:

  3. This dish was heavenly. Cannot wait to make it and eat the entire thing myself!