Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some super soups!

Thank you everyone who posted their scrumptious soup recipes! It's been fun to try things I don't normally cook and get out of my "what-do-we-have-for-dinner-ok-spaghetti-again" routine. If you still have a soup recipe to share, please post it. 
Also, the labels are very helpful to find a specific recipe, but I think we have to keep it pretty basic or there will be too many of them. As in, just use "dessert" instead of "lemon ginger pistachio seven layer bars."
 Question: Does anyone want to suggest another category to collect a type of recipe? Or just whatever you feel like sharing? I'll leave it up to you, recipe readers!


  1. I like the ideas, but also the freedom to just post when I want to share something good.